Announcing a new Ontario Red Knights ® International Motorcycle Club Chapter

On January 1, 2018, ONT 10 of the Red Knights ® International Motorcycle Club was chartered in Teeswater Ontario.

If you are in the Teeswater or the surrounding area and are interested in joining the chapter, please send an email to Trevor Bell, the chapter president of ONT 10 at:

Congratulations ONT 10 from the Red Knights ® Motorcycle Club Association 6!

Important Message from Red Knights ® International Motorcycle Club



It is very important to the International Board that we continue to honor those members who become a member of Heavens 1 Chapter.
To date, all requests for honors and/or flags have been fulfilled to the best ability of the International.
Something has become very troubling; nearly 20% of the members who passed away to date in 2017 were not on the current International roster when they died.

As a result of discussion by the Board at the fall 2017 Board Meeting, the realization that the majority of Chapters are not updating their rosters with the International as required in By-Law 5:10, the following has been placed into effect:

Failure to submit accurate rosters timely will result in the Chapter being placed onto Restrictive Service If placed onto Restrictive Service, the Chapter will be reinstated to good standing, once a current roster has been submitted. (There will be a 30 day grace period, prior to any chapter being placed onto Restrictive Service)

Restrictive Service is serious. Any member of a Chapter on Restrictive Service may not identify themselves as a Red Knight, nor may they or the Chapter order any merchandise, including patches from the International Quartermaster. More importantly, Any Chapter who is not in good standing 90 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting will not be sent a ballot for Officer Elections for that year.

Furthermore, the current policy for those members who were on the previous year’s International roster but not on the current International roster, the Chapter may bring the member up to date posthumously and they will continue to have Honors and/or flags being provided by the International.

Effective February 1, 2018 for any notification to the International of a person who has passed away and is not on the International roster or does not meet the above stipulation, the chapter may wish to purchase a flag from the International Quartermaster for a Chapter presentation to the family. This may be done as the International will not provide Honors or a flag. in this circumstance, the person who passed away will not be placed onto the Memorial in Boylston. Additionally, due to logistics, please understand that if the notification form is not received by the International Chaplain at least 48 hours prior to the member’s services, it is probable that the International will not be able to attend.

Thank You for your help ensuring that rosters are updated and proper honors is given to those who have fallen.

Chris Gadway

Lambton County Firefighter's 22nd Annual Fire Trade Show

The Lambton County Firefighter's 22nd Annual Fire Trade Show is Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Sarnia Hotel & Conference Centre, 1498 Venetian Blvd, Point Edward, ON N7T 7W6 from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Admission is free and the Red Knights ® Motorcycle Club Association 6 will be there with a booth this year!

For more details click here

Drop by and pay us a visit!

"Road Captain" position open on Red Knights ® Motorcycle Club Association 6 Executive

The position of Road Captain is currently open on the Red Knights ® Motorcycle Club Association 6 executive.

Anyone interested in the position should contact an executive member; for executives members contact information see the "About Us" web page.